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Nelz Yumul is a Manila-based creative powerhouse who defies convention and redefines the ever-changing art landscape in his own ways. With a self-taught journey that ignited in the early 2000s, he embodies the essence of a multi-form contemporary pop artist. His creativity knows no limits, and he thrives as a polymath in the realms of illustration, graphic design, and creative direction.

For Nelz, "art is a captivating fusion of science and algorithm with every creation serving as a testament to one's unique understanding profound connections". He effortlessly traverses diverse mediums, leaving his indelible mark on comics, illustration, collage art, mural art, designer toy art, and the groundbreaking world of NFT art.

In 2007, he gave birth to the illustrious WeeWillDoodle, a collective of visionary illustrators. This artistic beacon continues to shine brightly, fostering creative innovation and collaborative brilliance.

Currently, Nelz is the visionary behind awe-inspiring illustration, branding, and design projects, captivating both local and international brands. His artistry and life unfold dynamically on Instagram under the handle
@nelzy. Visit to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Nelz Yumul's art.

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