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Panel of Critics 2023  I  BAKUNAWA FEST  X

Bakunawa Fest is the only film festival in the Philippines that verifies a panel of Film Critics to watch its programmed films and hands out citations and critics' awards separate from that of the Jury. The Critics Awards & Citations are independent from the festival and deliberations and meetings are done by the critics' themselves. The festival's only involvement is when critics submit their winners for the festival to design and hand in certificates and the Critics' Bakunawa to the awardees. 

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James Espinoza is a film critic and part-time film translator and subtitlist when he's not
preoccupied with his corporate job as a copyeditor. He started writing reviews at Film Police
Reviews in 2015 and was a longtime contributor to Pinoy Rebyu, the precursor of the Society of
Filipino Film Reviewers (SFFR), of which he currently serves as president.

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Ralph Regis is a film graduate from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and a former feature
editor for the school publication, the Benildean Press Corps, where he had written film reviews
and feature articles on pop culture. Motivated to transcend his experiences into his
storytelling—writing became an opportunity for expression and a better understanding of life,
places, and people.

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Lé Baltar is a Manila-based freelance journalist, poet, and film critic. Currently serving as
secretary of the Society of Filipino Film Reviewers (SFFR), Lé is also a member of Film Police
Reviews, Sine Pop Private Film Club, and Tambisan sa Sining. She has written for Rappler,
CNN Philippines Life, PhilSTAR Life, VICE Asia, Young STAR Philippines, among other
publications. She is currently a fellow of the first QCinema International Film Festival Critics Lab.

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Vincen Gregory Yu is a physician, health researcher, medical anthropologist-in-training,
fictionist, poet, and arts critic from Iloilo City. At three years old, he got into an accident while
watching Disney’s The Lion King. So began his love for the movies.

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