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In our continuous aim for film literacy, film appreciation and film education, BAKUNAWA FEST X in close collaboration with EDUKSINE will have quick Q&A with Filmmakers in attendance after selected screenings. Audiences will have the chance to ask questions related to the film and how it was made. Here are the confirmed Film Directors who has signified their attendance. They will be attending the their screenings and will have Q&A sessions to be moderated by the young volunteers of EdukSine. Bakunawa Fest X is grateful to the filmmakers for their participation to the festival. 

Where is my home Directors.png

NOV 7 TUE (1 PM) Videotheque
Samiran Deka, Bhaskar Jyoti Das (India)

Directors of WHERE IS MY HOME

themes: Indigenous People's Issues, displacement, social justice, humanity

Samiran Deka (Guwahati, Assam, India) graduated from the Visva–Bharati University, Santinikettan, The Land of Kobi Guru Rabindranath Thakur and post graduated on Drama & Theatre Arts. He has 12 years of experience in the field of Visual Medium and Theatre. He's a known Writer, Director, Producer in Cinema, Theatre and Advertising.

Bhaskar Jyoti Das (Guwahati, Assam, India) is a medical drop out who became a self-taught Independent Film maker and Writer. He has sat as Jury in film festivals apart from being scriptwriting consultant in various workshops, and film related essays. He also edits documentary films.


NOV 7 TUE (4 PM) Videotheque
Melver Ritz L. Gomez (Philippines)

Director of KARKARMA 

themes: Regional beliefs and way of life

Melver Ritz Gomez is an independent filmmaker and the founder of the Pelikula Ilokana Film Exhibition located in Ilocos Norte.


He creates films that focus on the customs and traditions of the Ilokanos. He received mentorship from renowned scriptwriter Ricky Lee during his participation in Batch 24 of the Ricky Lee Film Scriptwriting Workshop.

Heri - Blue Poetry.png

NOV 7 TUE (4 PM) Videotheque
Muhammad Heri Fadli (Indonesia)

Director of BLUE POETRY

themes: Climate change, care for environment, Lives of Fisherfolks
Q&A will also tackle director's approach to the technical aspects of filmmaking

Muhammad Heri Fadli born in Central Lombok Indonesia in 1995. He finished his Bachelor's study at the Islamic University of Indonesia, majoring in Creative Media Culture. He just finished his masters degree at the University Technology Mara (UiTM) Malaysia, majoring in Visual Communication and New Media. Heri began his career as a filmmaker in 2013. 


NOV 8 WED (2 PM) UPFI Cine Adarna
Caitlin Macaraig (Philippines)

Director of Undo (Competition Shorts)

themes: Domestic issues, Dealing with abuse

Caitlin Macaraig is a young promising filmmaker who's dedicated to creating remarkable content as she works her way for a place in the field of Digital Filmmaking. Passionate, hardworking, and goal-oriented, she is also most ineterested inProduction Management.


NOV 8 WED (5 PM) UPFI Cine Adarna
Lê Bình Giang (Vietnam)

Director of Rock-a-Bye Baby
(Opening Film)

themes: Horrors of life, crimes
Q&A will also focus on Filmmaking styles, approaches and Giang's cinematic journey by far

Giang is one of Vietnam's acclaimed and controversial filmmakers, making waves for his directorial debut bloody horror film 'KFC' in 2017 selected for Rotterdam Film Festival and a whole string of film festivals around the world. 

He graduated from the Tokyo Talent Campus in 2016 and is considered as one of Asia's rising filmmakers. His short 'No Dogs Allowed' was one of the Closing Films of Bakunawa Fest 7. His other full-length film 'Jackpot Island' (Director's Cut) is also screening at this year's Bakunawa Fest X. 

Bakunawa fest X.png

NOV 9 THU (6:30 PM) UPFI Cine Adarna
Elwood Perez (Philippines)
Director of Silip

themes: Horrors of life, Sexual Repression in Societies, Religious Discord, Paranoia, Awakening
Q&A will also focu
s on Director Elwood Perez's filmography, style and approach to filmmaking

Elwood “El Maestro” Perez is a prolific filmmaker, at times controversial, with a wide and varied filmography of more than 50 films, spanning four decades. He has received Best Director awards from Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP), Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), and Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS). He was tagged by Cinema One as “A True Titan of Philippine Cinema,” “A Maverick Among Masters” and awarded as “Master Filmmaker” by the Film Development Council of the Philippines. Tagged “One of Southeast Asia’s Leading Cinematic Provocateurs” by the 2015 Hongkong International Film Festival, and “Film Icon Visionary” by the 2016 New York SOHO International Film Festival.

The Fools Director.png

NOV 10 FRI (1 PM) UPFI Cine Adarna
TAKAHASHI Sinichi (Japan)

Director of The Fools - Prison and Babylon

themes: Independent & Underground Music Scene in Japan, Documenting Rock bands, Lives of Musicians vis-a-vis their music, publc persona

Takahashi directed his first documentary film, Cu-Bop, in 2015. In February 2015, the film was selected as an official selection for the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, USA. While the film is an independent production set in Cuba, it achieved the feat of having its world premiere in the USA, despite severed diplomatic relations between the two countries. The sequel, Cu-Bop Across the Border, won "Best Music and Dance Film" out of 1800 entries at the Gary International Black Film Festival. Both films have been screened in seven cities in North America. The new film, THE FOOLS, documents the life of legendary Japanese punk rocker, Ko Ito, and his bandmates.


NOV 11 SAT (10 AM) Videotheque
Miguel Bañares (Spain)

Director of En Tu Mente (In Your Head)

themes: Mental Health, Trauma, Psychology
Q&A will also focus on Fimmaker's Journey

Miguel Bañares has a Master's Degree in Cinema Direction and Production. Currently based in Barcelona and raised and born in Madrid, Miguel worked shortly as an actor and as a model for TV, advertising and film, connecting with his debut short "In Your Head" his past artistic career after having lived in Sri Lanka for three years where he managed hostels. Motivated to share original and soulful stories, Miguel covers different fiction genres inspired by getting to know thousands of backpackers from all around the world plus his personal experiences. Currently, Miguel's goal is to direct his own long-featured movies for international markets.

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