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Director: Yen Kuang Chen
118mins I Action, Thriller I Chinese w/ English Subs I 2022

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Drug dealer Guo-hao hopes to make enough money so that he and his girlfriend can leave their life of crime behind. One day, he is contacted by Michael, a drug broker with an offer to buy a batch of rare cocaine. Guo-hao teams up with long-time buddy Da-wei to borrow money from local crime boss Uncle Ma to complete this deal. On the day of the exchange, however, something unexpected happend.

Writer: Yen Kuang Chen
Producer: Yen Kuang Chen, Jerry Hsin, Vincent Lee
Cast: Tang LunKey, Alex Chiu, Eddie Chen, Ssu Ching Ho, Edmund Chen, Shao Ping,

Free Online Screening
(REW< Program)
OCT 17, 2023 - NOV 3, 2023


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Chen Yen Kuang was born in Taiwan, Taipei. With a background in graphic design and photo-editing, he is a self-taught filmmaker.

Hideout is his feature debut. He served as the screenwriter, director, editor and producer of this film.

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Ferrara Film FestivalFerrara, Italy
Omaha Film Festival, USA
Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival, USA, Winner, Best Foreign Language Drama
Richmond International Film Festival, USA
Capital City Film Festival, USA
Cobb International Film Festival, USA, Winner Best International Feature
PopCon International Film FestivalIndianapolis, USA, Winner, Best International Feature
Festivus Film Festival, USA
ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival, Canada, Winner, Best Action Film
Marina del Rey Film Festival, USA, Winner, Best Director
Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition, USA, Honorable Mention Award
LA Crime and Horror Film Festival, USA
Near Nazareth Festival, Israel
Interrobang Film Festival, USA, Winner, Best International Feature
Kosice International Film Festival, Slovakia
Micheaux Film Festival, USA, Winner, Best International Feature
Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, USA
Burbank International Film Festival, USA
Monadnock International Film Festival, USA
Full Bloom Film FestivalStatesville, USA
San Antonio Film FestivalSan Antonio, USA
Black Cat Picture Show, USA
IXth Fantastic and Terror Film Festival in Tàrrega - GALACTICAT, Spain
Royal Starr Film Festival, USA
Skyline Indie Film Fest, USA
Prospector International Film Festival, USA
Soo Film Festival, USA
Buffalo International Film Festival, USA
Chandler International Film Festival, USA, Winner, Best Late Night Feature Film
LUSCA Film Fest (former Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest), Puerto Rico, Winner, Best Feature Film Director
Fantaspoa - International Fantastic Film Festival, Brazil
Aesthetica Film Festivalyork, UK

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