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Wong Asu (The Legend of Dogman)

Director: Aco Tenriyagelly

23min, 49sec  |  Dark Fantasy  I  Indonesia  I  2022


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Wong Asu (The Legend of Dogman)

Director: Aco Tenriyagelli

23min, 49 sec  |  Dark Fantasy  I  ND  |  Indonesia  I  2022

SUKAB the dognapper captures and slaughters a dog from a housing complex. As he returns to his home-slash-food stall, he is greeted by BIANG & UCIL, his children who have turned into dogs. Together with his wife ADIN, they prepare the dog's meat for their customers, a family who's planning a celebratory feast. This is where the party begins.

Aco Tenri, a director & writer, studied Film at Jakarta Institute of Arts where he majored in directing. His participation in Italy's CinemadaMare Film Festival granted him Erasmus Scholarship at VSMU Bratislava, Slovakia. Having returned to Jakarta, Aco's work revolves around making short movies, series, TV commercials, and music videos. His most recent short movie, "Happy Girls Don't Cry", is currently available on Netflix.

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