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The Sprayer

Director: Farnoosh Abedi

Iran  I  8min, 58sec  I  Animation, Sci-Fi  I  2022


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The Sprayer

Farnoosh Abedi  I  Iran  I  8min, 58sec  I  Animation, Sci-Fi
(Philippine Premiere)  2022

In the land occupied with the sprayers army, no one has the right to grow any kind of plants either in public or private. So many of the people and soldiers do not even know how dose a plant grows or look like, until one day one of the soldiers finds a seed buried deep down in the dust and his curiosity is just the beginning of something extraordinary, something big, something revolutionary.

Farnoosh Abedi was born in 1985 in Isfahan/ Iran. He has made more than 20 short animated films and TV series, documentaries and one Feature Animated .

His films was presented and screened in more than 500 domestic and international film festivals and received 200 awards.

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