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The Old Man Next Door

Director: Aidan Otene Dickens

New Zealand  I  15min, 9 sec  I  Indigenous People: Maori  I  2022


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The Old Man Next Door

Aidan Otene Dickens  I  New Zealand  I  15min, 9 sec
Indigenous People: Maori

Matiu, a war veteran who struggles with PTSD and agoraphobia, is unable to leave the safety of his home since his wife’s passing. Shy student Yvonne from next door, his only visitor in self-imposed isolation, struggles with her own mental health. Distraught when her boyfriend leaves her, she stops taking her medication and soon spirals out of control. Matiu is the only witness to her descent into madness, which poses a threat to her life. He must find the strength within to cross the threshold and save her, or
remain a prisoner of his fear...and his conscience.

Aidan Dickens is a New Zealand Indigenous Film Director of Māori and Pākehā parentage. He has written and directed numerous short films, music videos and promos, many of which have been featured in film festivals both locally, and internationally. He studied film at SAE Auckland and the NZ Film Academy, Auckland, and in 2018 he completed his Master of Arts in Screen Production at Auckland University.

His film script ‘The Old Man next Door’ was a finalist in the 2018 Fresh Shorts funding round. The film was completed in 2020 with the help of a successful Boosted campaign, and various sponsors including the RNZRSA. It has the official selection for 23+ Indigenous and Mental Health Film Festivals both here and overseas, from Maoriland, to Skábmagovat, and imagineNATIVE Film. It has also won awards for Best Indigenous film, Favourite overall film, Outstanding Sound & Outstanding Editing, Award of Excellence - Special Mention, and Award of Distinction - Humanitarian Awards.

Currently Aidan works as a film tutor at Yoobee Colleges, Wellington, and is a full time father.

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