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A Cidade Dos Abismos (The City of Abysses) 

Priscyla  Bettim 
Brazil  I  1hour, 36min  I  Crime Drama  I  2022



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Inside a Funeral Hall 

Priscyla  Bettim  I  Brazil  I  1hour, 36min  I  Crime Drama  (Philippine Premiere)  2022

A murder, on Christmas Eve, spawns a fortuitous connection between melancholic and misfit characters of the São Paulo nightlife, setting in motion a vertiginous search for justice amidst the underworld of Brazil’s largest metropolis. Through contemporary political lenses, “The City” of Abysses updates the invention, irreverence, and dreamlike filmographies from other times, transforming a past inheritance into something unique and singular. Whether through irony or foreboding, the film’s sepulchral atmosphere also reflects the marks of a time that was yet to come.

Priscyla Bettim has directed several short films, including "Visão 2013 para Roberto Piva" (2013), "Livro de Haikais" (2014) and "A Propósito de Willer" (2016). Through her work she seeks to explore her interest in experimental and analog cinema. "A Cidade dos Abismos" is her first feature film.

Renato Coelho is a filmmaker and researcher, based in São Paulo. He has made several short films in Super 8, including "O cinema Segundo Luiz Rô" (2013), "Trem" (2015) and "A Propósito de Willer" (2016). "A Cidade dos Abismos" is his first feature film.

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