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Ni Un Paso Atrás (No Step Back)

Director: Irene Montes

music video  I  Irene Montes  I  Spain  I  3min, 32sec


* Because each film is geo-blocked in different territories at the request of each filmmaker, you may encounter a few hiccups when attempting to watch the film. If you see an "Ooops" message, simply click TRY AGAIN and you may view trailer and click the film to rent. Type BAKUNAWA9 code to watch for free. Best to watch in your desktop or laptops. 

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music video  I  Irene Montes  I  Spain  I  3min, 32sec  (Southeast Asian Premiere) 2022

A young criminal steals bags and cars with his friends and girlfriend. One day, he robs a pub with a gun and ends up being shot.

Ni Un Paso Atrás (No Step Back)

Irene Montes was born and raised in Vallecas (Madrid) in 1997 and has directed the video clips “Not a step back – Sule B”, “Tan sensual – Daps” or “Manchego & Acid”. She also works as a casting director and has been an assistant director for directors such as Francesca Canepa, Hugo de la Riva, Cristina Urgel and Carlos J. Matos.

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