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Memories in Three Colors

Director: Argenis Herrera Sanchez

Chile, Venezuela  I  13min, 37sec  I  Drama  I  2022


* Because each film is geo-blocked in different territories at the request of each filmmaker, you may encounter a few hiccups when attempting to watch the film. If you see an "Ooops" message, simply click TRY AGAIN and you may view trailer and click the film to rent. Type BAKUNAWA9 code to watch for free. Best to watch in your desktop or laptops. 


Chile, Venezuela  I  13min, 37sec  I  Drama  (Philippine Premiere)

A couple believes in pragmatic love; not in eternal love. She finds out that she has cancer and decides to separate from her husband, preventing the possibility of having him to suffer by her side. She makes an excuse to migrate to Chile from Venezuela. But then the husband refuses to leave. What happens next is a mix of love, lies and longing.

Memories in Three Colors

Argenis Herrera Sanchez

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