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Director: haiena

haiena  I  Japan  I  1hour, 03min  I  Experimental, Visual Collage, Drama, Comedy  I  2022



* Because each film is geo-blocked in different territories at the request of each filmmaker, you may encounter a few hiccups when attempting to watch the film. If you see an "Ooops" message, simply click TRY AGAIN and you may view trailer and click the film to rent. Type BAKUNAWA9 code to watch for free. Best to watch in your desktop or laptops. 

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Luginsky  I  haiena  I  Japan  I  1hour, 03min  I  Experimental, Visual Collage, Drama, Comedy  (Philippine Premiere)  2022

With a flood of images and colors, the director creates a decadent strange world.

In a world where people belong to either the higher or lower citizen who suffers from chronic hallucinations due to a motorcycle accident. He has lost his job on top of that and copes by drinking too much at various bars. At one of the places he stumbles upon, a dancehall called "The Yellow Flashback," he drinks some bootleg liquor made from unknown ingredients, based on a recipe by a retired boxer named Luginsky. He becomes hooked on this bootleg, which exacerbates his chronic hallucinations and increasingly blurs the line between reality and illusion, causing him to experience irrational turn of events repeatedly.


Born in 1977 in Tokyo, haiena entered a music school and began shooting films for assignments. He focused on writing post-modernist literature after graduating, and currently produces chill-out music as a beatmaker while doing physical work on a per diem basis. He founded the art group J & H Films..

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