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Sheba Ghosh
India  I  1hour, 45min  I  Pschological Drama  I   2022



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Sheba Ghosh  I  India  I  1hour, 45min  I  Pschological Drama  (Philippine Premiere)  2022

KAZI discovers his ability to read and control minds at school when the substitute teacher singles him out and passes racist comments.  KAZI gets married and is expecting his first child when ROMA, his wife, suffers a miscarriage due to a terribly dark incident. KAZI wants to protect her from her own memories of that incident. He wipes out her memory, or so he thinks. KAZI and ROMA leave their home in the city to work alongside KAZI’s father, BIKASH’s old age home in the hills. Here, KAZI is fully able to explore the strength of his mind reading skills. This idyllic world is shattered by the entry of
VIJAY, a dream watcher. KAZI becomes aware of VIJAY’s abilities when he reads his mind. KAZI uses all means necessary to protect his dreams from being watched by VIJAY but his dreams are not the only dreams that hold secrets. In this taut, psychological thriller, nothing is as it seems.

Sheba Ghosh is an Indian director, writer, actor and producer from Kolkata, West Bengal. She has served in the Indian Air Force for a decade as an air traffic controller, retiring voluntarily in December of 2021 to pursue her passion of storytelling. KAZI is her debut feature film as director, producer and actor.

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