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Kasikas sa Ganiha ug Unya 
(A Rustling from a Time Ago and Tomorrow)

Director: Kuda Box, Eric Bico

Philippines  I  8min, 15 sec  I  Experimental  I  2022


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Kasikas sa Ganiha ug Unya

Kuda Box, Eric Bico  I  Philippines  I  8min, 15 sec  I   Experimental  (Asian Premiere)  I  2022

A collapse of multiple lifetimes into pieces of amnesia; us, experiencing itself in dreams of life and death. A direct expression of the slow vibration as it currently is; you, a brief movement in the vestiges of nothingness.

Kuda Bux (b. 1991) has been running around the streets of Cebu doing what he thinks is an approximation of what high-art is. Over the years he has been running near-zero budget productions with Aprum-Oves and Corner House Productions creating scrap videos and junk stories.

Eric Bico (b. 1995) is an artist who explores photography. His varied interests—from overlooked elbows and ears to everyday struggles in the urban metro—surface in his photographs, mostly in series. Beyond traditional publishing and gallery exhibitions, his photographic works are also at play with self-publishing and online collaborations. He has self-published zines through Munzinelupa and Zine Orgy.

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