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I, Labyrinth

Director: Jag Garcia

Philippines  I  10min, 40sec  I  Animation, Experimenta


* Because each film is geo-blocked in different territories at the request of each filmmaker, you may encounter a few hiccups when attempting to watch the film. If you see an "Ooops" message, simply click TRY AGAIN and you may view trailer and click the film to rent. Type BAKUNAWA9 code to watch for free. Best to watch in your desktop or laptops. 

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Philippines  I  10min, 40sec  I  Animation, Experimental (Bacolod Premiere)

I, Labyrinth is The Pilgrim's journey to the center. He will confront stifling Normalcy, resist the need to please Others, and struggle against Perfection and his sense of Self. I, Labyrinth is not just about The Pilgrim's journey to find himself but also the story of finding ourselves.

I, Labyrinth

Jag Garcia began professional media work during his sophomore year in college and has since spent 30 years in various fields of the media industry. Has was the Founder and former Chairperson of the Digital Filmmaking Program at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, and is an accomplished public speaker, author, curriculum developer, corporate trainer, and avid underwater photographer. "I, Labyrinth" is his first animated film.

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