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源生罪 Deliverance

Kelvin Shum
Hong Kong  I  1hour, 46min  I  Drama, Thriller  I  2022 



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源生罪 Deliverance

Kelvin Shum  I  Hong Kong  I  1hour, 46min  I  Drama, Thriller  (Philippine Premiere)  2022 

A fractured family of four brothers & sister confronts haunting memories of their mother's passing 15 years ago.

15 years had passed, Nicole (Summer Chan) returns home to Hong Kong reuniting with her three brothers, gradually clinging onto the shattered memory from the night of her mother's passing. Through hypnosis sessions with her big brother Joseph (Simon Yam), the trauma that the family sustained is unexpectedly reawakened when she desires to connect back with the memories. Then the whole world around this family takes on a dark form and love becomes almost undefinable.

"Deliverance", is Kelvin Shum's directorial debut in Hong Kong.
Kelvin was born in Hong Kong and from an early age raised in  Melbourne, Australia.

In his years in the university, Kelvin was a member of the drama committee. He was involved in many theater productions in Australia, taking up the roles of both actor and director. Meanwhile, he also followed and learned from his directing peers in the Australian film & TV industry, which gave him various opportunities to acquire and accumulate foundational knowledge of running a video production and gaining understanding of the mindset of storytelling.

In 2013, after pursuing further study in Shanghai Theater Academy China, Kelvin ventured to Los Angeles, undertaking a Directing Program to further refine his craft. During that time and after he had graduated he had worked under various studio pictures, indie pictures and commercials as assistant director, director, producer etc. Working on different genres and style of productions.

Kelvin's short film ''WE SHALL OVERCOME'' in 2019 won many international awards for ''Best Director'', “Best Thriller”, ‘'Best Cinematography'' and ''Best Ensemble Cast''. Through the experience of many productions and his background to theater, he built up a solid ground for the skills of Directing in video productions.

In 2020 Kelvin returned to Hong Kong, and in the following year, 2021, he directed his first feature film, “Deliverance”. This film marked his debut as a feature Film Director. Currently Kelvin is in production to his second theatrical feature film in Hong Kong, to be shot in Asia.


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