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Dekadensi (Decadence)

Director: Bayu Kusuma

Indonesia  I  12min, 02 sec  I  Documentary, Experimental  I  2022


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Dekadensi (Decadence)

Indonesia  I  12min, 02 sec  I  Documentary, Experimental  (World Premiere) I  2022

Organic is an antithetical concept in this limited extend of three-dimensional space, a non-existence idea. The prosaic habitant consists only with synthetic information in a constant sphere entrapped in such entropy ed infinitum. A glimpse dialogue about the fathomless reproduction and endless dream in owning substantial purpose. There’s nothing philosophical / political about this film. There’s never been a statement.

A decadence in sense of progress of a movement is always considered as a failure. In Indonesia, the practice of cinema tent to preserving the old cinema that has not progress forward for the last decade. This is a response toward that predicament, as a part of the believe, that the only progress of moving forward in cinema is by radically moving backward to its roots. A micro cinema that only serves through a multitude extent of kinetic movement that can produce expanded language of interpretation.

Bayu Kusuma (b, 14 May 1996) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. A former student of English literature and not having any formal art, philosophy, nor film background, His projects have been consistently rely on independent and collective movement. The practice of returning to the roots of cinema is currently the focus of his work as part of the believe that the only progress of moving ahead in cinema is moving backward. His works radically focused on the movement of radical kino. An anti-cinema movement that neither political nor cinema, but stands on its own as a language of kinetic. A kino movement that is not rely on the works of literature, music, actors, nor narration but only showing an extension display of kinetic movement which to produced multitude expanded interpretation from it. This idea of micro cinema that is always independent, small, and always reborn is stand as a ‘no man land’ between cinema and experimental art video.

Throughout his emerging years, Bayu Kusuma has directed, wrote, and produced 4 conventional collective films (In the Corner of the Night, Even if I know, Sore Scenery, and GMIII: Essay 23 - 28) and 3 independent experimental film (Nauseous, State-Flux Consists of Cerebral Hemisphere, DEKADENSI). His works has been selected in several international film festival such as 4:3 International Experimental Film Festival in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, EXPRMNTL, Anti-Festival in London, England, United Kingdom, Minikino Monthly Screening & Discussion December 2021, Bali, Indonesia, Bakunawa 8 Film Festival, Philippines, and Ganesha Film Festival, Bandung, Indonesia.

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