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Director: Arden Rod Condez

Philippines  I  26min, 14sec  I  Drama, Comedy, Supernatural 


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Arden Rod Condez  I  Philippines  I  26min, 14sec  I  Drama, Comedy, Supernatural  (Bacolod Premiere)

When aging witches in Antique, Philippines decide to die but they have no one to pass their “power” forward, they need to look for the mystical river in a place called Payaw where they can just turn into stone and be gone forever. This is the story of a 78 year old witch and the young man who helped her find the river.


Arden Rod Condez hails from Pandan, Antique, Philippines. He has been a writer of ABS-CBN Corporation, the largest media conglomerate in the Philippines, for almost 15 years. He is a graduate of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas with a degree in Broadcast Communication. He also took a second major in literature, specializing on the literature of Western Visayas in the Philippines, where Mr. Condez comes from. “John Denver Trending”, multi-awarded at Cinemalaya and selected in Korea’s Busan International Film Festival in New Currents’ section, is Mr. Condez’s directorial debut. (Asian Movie Pulse)

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