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チャロの囀り Charo's Song

 Nobb Sueyoshi 
Japan  I  1hour, 55min  I  Drama  I  2022



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チャロの囀り Charo's Song 

Nobb Sueyoshi   I  Japan  I  1hour, 55min  I  Drama  
(Philippine Premiere)  2022

An encounter between people who do not have a common language. A man who has lost his memory and language.
A man who lives with strong convictions even in the midst of discrimination.
A woman who sways between social disparities.
Focusing on these two people, we will draw people who live in various disparities such as occupational discrimination, school caste, and the gap between rich and poor.

In 2009, Nobb Sueyoshi made his debut as a music video director. Since then, he has directed music videos for Acid Black Cherry, MAN WITH A MISSION, Kana Nishino, Reo Ieiri, miwa, LiSA, etc. In 2018, he established a video production company, Darkman Inc. 

He is also actively working on his own independent film production on the occasion of the 2020 Corona Disaster.

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