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Director: Ashique Mostafa

Bangladesh  I  11min  I  Indigenous People: Rakhine/Chittagong  I  2022


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Birani  I  Ashique Mostafa  I  Bangladesh  I  11min
Indigenous People: Rakhine/Chittagong (Philippine Premiere)

An indigenous/tribal tenant sheltering a stray dog faces trouble in a not-dog-friendly society where they see dogs as impure and unholy. The culling of dogs and people continues and remains unchallenged.

Ashique Mostafa is an independent filmmaker, who graduated in filmmaking from the School of Visual Arts, New York. He has produced a few internationally-acclaimed Bangladeshi films. His medium-length 16mm cult classic "Phulkumar" (2002) created the opportunity for a large group of young minds in Bangladesh to actively participate in filmmaking. He won Best Short Documentary Award for the one-take short "Interiors & Exteriors" at Ji.hlava IDFF 2017. Ashique lives partly in the USA and partly in Bangladesh.

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