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Director: Carolina Ceca

Japan  I  5min, 19sec  I  Experimental  I  2022


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Carolina Ceca  I  Japan  I  5min, 19sec  I  Experimental  I  2022

This work speaks of beginnings, diversity and hope. Its title, Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, already refers to the origin, to an awakening of consciousness that contains an infinite variety of possibilities, of colours. Carolina Ceca, the work's author, has displayed images here that abound in that idea with scenes that allude to the birth of a new life and the creative exploration of one's identity. Filmed at the Embassy of Spain in Japan, this lyrical video invites us to imagine a hopeful future in which we can freely develop our personalities and take flight like the white peacock that crowns the work. In this way, Carolina Ceca points out, 'Aleph is a positive look towards the future. In a world where white light contains everything diverse, we can choose to be someone or be everything.'  (Professor Isaac Ait, University of Tokyo)

Carolina Ceca (Spain) is a Tokyo-based artist, director, art historian and columnist who took up postgraduate studies at the University of Salamanca in Spain and the Ferris University in Japan. She has carried out artist residencies at the Institut National des Beaux-Arts of Tetouan in Morocco and Casa Falconieri in Sardinia, Italy. Carolina is honoured to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts of London.  Her work stands out for being interdisciplinary, with an original aesthetic and a deep respect for nature. She has held solo exhibitions at the Embassy of Spain in Japan, Instituto Cervantes Tokyo, among others. She has participated in various group exhibitions, including at the Museum of Santa Cruz in Toledo, Spain and the Royal Palace in Cagliari, Italy.


Carolina Ceca has collaborated with various media in Japan—for instance, as a columnist for Yomiuri Shimbun on their Art Exhibition Japan website and for NHK Editorial in publishing her drawings. She has also given lectures, artist talks, workshops and seminars in different countries with institutions such as the Japan Foundation at Casa Asia and the University of Tokyo, among others.

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