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Two is Enough

Director: Leon Cheo

Singapore  I  16min, 32sec  I  Drama  I  2022


* Because each film is geo-blocked in different territories at the request of each filmmaker, you may encounter a few hiccups when attempting to watch the film. If you see an "Ooops" message, simply click TRY AGAIN and you may view trailer and click the film to rent. Type BAKUNAWA9 code to watch for free. Best to watch in your desktop or laptops. 

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Leon Cheo  I  Singapore  I  16min, 32sec  I  Drama  (Philippine Premiere)  I  2022

A mother contemplates keeping her third child during a time when families were given disincentives and pressured to have no more than two children in 1970s Singapore.

Two is Enough

Born in Singapore and now based in Los Angeles, Leon Cheo is the creator of the Emmy®-nominated short form series “People Like Us”. Most recently, he was selected for season two of the Hillman Grad / Indeed Rising Voices program in which he is mentored by Destin Daniel Cretton.

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